Lovers Day
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Silence followed the soft singsong voice.


The sleeping man drew in a deep breath and stirred.


“Mmf. Yeahumwake.”

A boyish giggle. The mattress dipped and a warm weight settled on Kanan Jarrus’s hips. He cracked open his eyes, his mouth automatically bending up into a smile. “Mm. Hey, you.”

“Hey, too,” Ezra Bridger answered, his voice a playful purr. He rubbed circles on Kanan’s hairy chest with the palms of his hands.

Kanan blinked the sleep from his eyes and took in the sight of his Padawan—though he wouldn’t be his Padawan for much longer, he supposed. Soon he would be a Knight, the very first to have been raised and trained completely outside the Jedi Order. Morning’s yellow-white sunlight filtered in through the open window and spilled over Ezra’s left side. He glowed like a golden star. His hair was now almost the same length it had been when he was sixteen, before he cut it. A few tendrils brushed against his left cheekbone, partially obscuring the pair of scars he had received nearly ten years ago.

Ezra smiled down at his Master, his lover, giving him that adoring look that never failed to melt Kanan’s heart.

“Not like you to be up before me,” said Kanan with a drowsy smile.

Ezra shrugged one shoulder. The sleeveless shirt he wore was too wide for him, but it was his favorite shirt. Mostly because it had once belonged to Kanan. “Today’s a special day.”

“Oh, is it?”

“Yeah. You know what it is?”

“Mm. Taungsday.”

Ezra grinned. “Besides that.”

“The twenty-third?”

“Besides that.”

Kanan absently massaged Ezra’s bare thighs. “It’s not your birthday.”


Kanan slipped his fingers beneath Ezra’s shorts. “It can’t be our anniversary.”

Ezra bit his smirking lips. “No, but you’re getting closer.”

“My hands or my guesses?”


A docile murmur rumbled through Kanan’s throat. His hands disappeared in Ezra’s shorts and squeezed his bare buttocks.

“It isn’t a Lothalian holy day is it?”

“No. But Luzera is coming up soon, just so you know.”


Ezra nodded.

Luzera was the ritual of abstinence observed in remembrance of the first settlers of Lothal—Ezra’s people, the tribe of Loth, who were guided by faith to the uninhabited planet thousands of years ago. It took them forty years to reach it, and now those years are remembered in days. Each year for forty days Ezra eschewed all sexual pleasure and fasted between sunup and sundown. Kanan, though an outsider—a zegun, as they were called—observed the ritual with Ezra to make both of their lives easier. And also because he loved him and wanted to be a part of his life.

Kanan wrinkled his brow and grinned sheepishly. “Can you at least give me a hint?”

“Uh uh. You gotta do this all on your own.”

Kanan sighed heavily through his nose. It was difficult trying to think this early in the morning, especially before his first cup of caf. Especially with a handsome 24-year-old man straddling his body and deliberately squirming against his morning erection. Kanan tucked his chin to his chest and looked down the length of his body. Ezra’s loose-fitting orange shorts were bunched up into his crotch. Kanan caught a glimpse of bristly pubic hair and warm brown skin. Stars, he loved these shorts. Best gift he’d ever—

Oh. Shit.

“It’s Lovers Day.”

Ezra laughed. “Finally!”

Kanan grimaced and dragged his hand down his face. “I can’t believe I forgot again. Damn it.” He gazed up at his Padawan pathetically. “I’m so sorry, Ezra. I promised I wouldn’t forget last year, and now…”

“Hey, it’s okay, don’t worry.” Ezra leaned down and planted a kiss on Kanan’s lips. “We’ve been real busy lately. I almost forgot, too.”

“Still, it’s unfair to you. I should be better about remembering these things.”

Ezra took him by his chin beard—it was longer now, almost Gotalian—and looked him in the eyes. “Hey, it’s just a made-up celebration, an excuse to to sell sweets and sex toys and make lonely people feel even lonelier. The only reason I remembered was because of something Alex said during a holoconference last week, so don’t let it get you down, okay? Besides, I don’t have anything super special planned today.”

Kanan’s eyebrows rose high onto his forehead. “You actually planned something for today? Kriff, now I really do feel bad.”

Ezra pinned Kanan’s wrists to the mattress and leaned over him, a mischievous sparkle in his eyes. “Stop feeling guilty or I’m going to march straight downstairs and suck that hard-on that’s been poking into me for the last five minutes.”

“I am suddenly consumed with guilt,” Kanan deadpanned. “Overwhelmed. Crushed by it. My spine is about to snap under its massive—”

“Oh, you lying sleemo!”

Ezra launched a tickle-assault on Kanan’s ribs, then abruptly screeched as Kanan seized him in an immobilizing embrace that pinned his arms to his sides. Kanan then leaned up in an attempt to kiss him. Ezra howled with laughter and leaned back as far as he could.

“Aieee, no, don’t!”

“Give me a kiss and I’ll let you go. A real kiss, not another pathetic peck like earlier.”

“It’s the kiss of death!”

“Aw, come on, my breath isn’t that bad.”

“Yes it is!”

Ezra tried to work his legs into a position where he could use them, but Kanan was already way ahead of him; he bent his knees and effectively trapped Ezra against his chest. Ezra continued to guffaw despite his predicament.

“I’m gonna tell Master Obi-wan you’re a pervert!”

You’re the one who can’t stop thinking about my dick, so who’s the pervert, huh?”

They grappled and struggled against one another, gouging furrows into the sheets, tossing pillows onto the floor, and making the bed frame groan in agony. Kanan rolled over and pinned Ezra beneath him.

“You’re gonna get your knighthood revoked!” Ezra gasped as Kanan jerked down his shorts.

“You’re gonna get your ass spanked!”

The shorts went flying. Kanan’s pajama bottoms followed shortly thereafter.

“Jedi scum!” Ezra cried.

“Conniving Loth-rat!”

It wasn’t long before their tussling and teasing turned sensual. Their playful grins faded as the spark of arousal caught light inside them. Ezra wrapped his bare legs around Kanan’s hips and thrust against him. Kanan wet his fingers in his mouth—it was all the preparation he could manage on such short notice—but when he lowered them into position, he found that there was no need. Ezra was already slick with his favorite warming lubricant and ready for action. Surprised, Kanan propped himself up on one elbow and looked down at the impish smirk on his Padawan’s face.

“You naughty little rascal.”

“I try.”

Kanan slipped inside with ease and began rocking in and out. Ezra’s body was so familiar to him now. After nine and a half years he knew every freckle, every scar, all of his erogenous zones. He could find his prostate on the first stroke. He knew exactly how to twist his hand to create the most satisfying friction on Ezra’s cock. He knew the shape of him, how he felt in his mouth, what his semen tasted like. And every time they made love it was just as thrilling as the first.

Well, usually. Everyone had their off days.

Ezra moaned and clung to the man he loved more than any other being in the galaxy. “Ah. Hah, yes. Make me come, Kanan.”

Kanan did. Twice. Though the credit was owed more to Ezra’s own libido than Kanan’s prowess in bed. When he finally pulled out, glistening with lubricant and spend, he collapsed onto his back beside Ezra and tried to catch his breath.

“Wow,” he panted. “That was…”

“Really great.”


“Been a while since we had morning sex.”

“That’s because you’re not a morning person, Ez.”

“I can be. Sometimes.”

“Well, you know me. I’ll take what I can get. No complaints here.”

“Heh, nope.”

Kanan turned his head and found Ezra staring at him fondly. Ezra reached out and brushed an errant tendril from Kanan’s eyes. “I love you.”

Kanan smiled. His hand crawled around in the sheets until it found Ezra’s. He entwined their fingers together and squeezed. “I love you, too, honey.”

Ezra grinned a bashful grin reminiscent of his adolescent years and scooted close, laying his head on Kanan’s shoulder and snuggling against his side.

For a while they lay there, watching the morning sunlight paint triangles and trapezoids on the bedroom wall. Kanan almost drifted back to sleep but managed to rouse himself before the urge consumed him. He pressed a kiss into Ezra’s hair and contentedly rubbed his back.

“So, was this my Lovers Day present?”

“No,” said Ezra. “It was mine. Your present is a full Coruscanti breakfast—”

“Kriffing stars.”

“—followed by a nice long walk to the Jedi Temple—”

“Definitely going to need that after a full Coruscanti breakfast.”

“—and then we’re going to spend the rest of the day drinking Rylothian passion fruit juice and mating like Loth-cats in the Chamber of Stars—”

“I like the sound of that.”

“—and then we’re gonna enjoy a walk home under the setting sun… if we can still walk by then.”

Kanan snickered and hugged Ezra tightly against his side. “That sounds like a great plan.”

“Sure does.” Ezra kissed Kanan’s cheek, then wormed his way out from under his arm and pulled his shorts back on. “So time to get your old man butt out of bed and help me with breakfast. I have no idea how to poach eggs and I don’t intend to learn now.”

“I appreciate your honesty, Ezra.”

“Well, you can only fuck a Jedi for so long before you become one yourself, so.” A shrug.

The two met eyes and shared a grin. Kanan lay in bed for a few more moments, just admiring Ezra’s post-coital beauty in the morning light—the glow of his skin, the radiance of his Force shining from the inside out, the love and devotion in his bright blue eyes.

I am a lucky man, he thought.

Me too, Ezra answered with a lopsided smile.

Kanan returned it with all the affection in his heart. Then he dragged himself from his warm bed, pulled on the clothes that Ezra handed to him, and followed him into the kitchen.

Every day is Lovers Day when you’re with the one you love.

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