The Sun Will Shine
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Story Notes:

Written for Thorki Week 2020

Loki in Avengers Infinity War

Loki locked eyes with Thor and stepped forward, the Tesseract glowing in his hand.

“I assure you, brother,” he said firmly, “the sun will shine on us again.”

Thor blinked dazedly and continued to bleed in Thanos’s grasp.

Then Loki disappeared in a flash of blue light.

Thor shut his eye. He should have known. He didn’t want to believe that Loki would still do such a thing, not after all of the healing that had happened after Ragnarok, but he had been wrong. Again.

“So much for brotherhood,” said Thanos, and raised the gauntlet to Thor’s head.

He pressed the Power Stone to Thor’s temple. Thor screamed in agony as the radiation slowly began to destroy his brain.

The Titan grinned smugly. “Looks like the sun won’t be shining on you after all.”

Suddenly, from behind him, came Loki’s voice: “I wouldn’t say that.”

The point of a dagger popped through the front of Thanos’s neck.

Thanos roared and released Thor.

Loki, a clean, groomed, differently-dressed Loki, caught his brother as he toppled to the deck.

The Children of Thanos drew their weapons, leaped to their wounded leader, and promptly disappeared through the sizzling, sparking portal that suddenly opened before them. The fiery ring slammed shut once they were through, and the Children were no more.

Thanos wrenched the tiny dagger from the back of his neck and tossed it aside. He turned to where Loki was crouched, holding Thor in his arms, and strode menacingly toward him.

“I’m going to enjoy tearing you limb from limb, Asgardian,” he snarled.

Loki clutched Thor and glared hatefully back at the Titan. “Go to Hel.”

Thanos raised his gauntlet.

Loki cringed, waiting.

Another sparking portal suddenly appeared above Thanos’s helmeted head. It descended to his neck, obscuring his head, and snapped shut like a guillotine.

The Titan’s lifeless body toppled to the ship’s deck. Blood poured thickly from the clean, surgical stump of his neck.

Thor opened his eye and groaned. “Lo-Loki,” he croaked. “What happened? What did you do?”

Loki smiled and stroked his brother’s scorched cheek. “I got help.”

The cloaked figure of Stephen Strange emerged from the shadows. “Wow, you really weren’t kidding about this guy,” he said, cautiously approaching Thanos’s remains.

“No,” Loki admitted, “not this time.” He nodded to the amulet around Strange’s neck. “Speaking of time, I don’t suppose there’s anything you can do to fix all this?”

The Midgardian sorcerer sighed. “This is a lot more complex than what I did to bring us back here. So many things could go wrong. It’s risky.”

He gazed around at the Asgardian corpses lying scattered throughout the ship.

“However,” he said, turning back to the two brothers, “I’m still a doctor. Saving lives and fixing people is my job. And if there’s any way I can undo this genocide, well… I say it’s worth the risk.”

He raised his hands, took a breath, and unlocked the Eye of Agamotto.

The Eye of Agamotto

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