Merthorki Comic
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Story Notes:

If this is your first time seeing my merthorki AU, there is a whole backstory on it over on my Tumblr (18+) which I highly recommend you view before diving in 💦
Chapter Notes: At a certain point in this comic, there is semi-distressing content in the form of a feared miscarriage. All the babies live and everything ends on a happy note, but I thought I should warn viewers anyway. Also, I've included a transcription of the comic dialogue for translations purposes at the bottom of each chapter. I hope you enjoy this! HJB

The story thus far…

Thor is a Delfin prince who falls in love with a Serpenian sea snake sorcerer. Like many merfolk, Thor and Loki have supernatural powers and abilities; Loki deals in all types of magic and sorcery, while Thor has been gifted with elemental powers—the ability to conjure and control lightning… except he’s not very good at controlling his lightning. When he begins courting Loki, his amorous intentions lead to many unpleasant shocks. He cannot seem to touch Loki without zapping him. With his patience exhausted, Loki gives Thor an ultimatum: either he learns to control his powers or their relationship is over.

Desperate not to lose his beloved, Thor makes the long journey to Nidavellir to beg Eitri the dwarf whale to help him. Eitri does, forging a special pair of vambraces that dampen the worst of Thor’s lightning. Thor swims back home and surprises Loki, who had fallen into a depression with Thor being gone. A happy reunion ensues, followed by much hugging and kissing and… other activities.

Thor decides to tell his parents that he wants to marry Loki, but his father, the king of Asgardia, is horrified to learn that his son and heir is in love with a Serpenian. He gives Thor a choice: either dump Loki and start dating a Delfin female, or he’s banished forthwith from the kingdom.

Thor takes the banishment.

While Queen Frigga mourns her exiled son and King Odin prays that eventually Thor will see reason and come home, Thor moves into Loki’s reef and they turn it into a home. Even though they’re outcasts of society, their days are happy and their nights are full of love.

It isn’t long before Loki starts experiencing some strange symptoms, such as seasickness and electricity emanating from his belly. Using his sorcery, Loki is able to look inside him and, to his surprise, find six babies growing in his womb! Loki knew for years that he was dual-sexed, but he never imagined that Thor, a Delfin, would be able to impregnate him. Hybrid offspring between their species is unheard of! (Perhaps their magic has something to do with it.)

Thor is overjoyed at the idea of being a father, and he and Loki begin preparing for the arrival of their babies. While Loki deals with cravings and emotional changes, Thor goes into daddy overdrive, excited and nervous and very protective of his mate.

And now, finally, after a full year of being pregnant, the eggs inside Loki’s womb have hatched and the babies are ready to be born…

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Chapter Endnotes: [Loki's Reef]

Loki: Thor, it's happening!
Thor: Wh--right now?!
Loki: Yes, right now! {ngh} Quick, get the baby basket!

Thor: {grab}


Thor: You're doing great, Loki! Keep breathing! The little ones know the way out. Just push when you feel one of them drop into position.
Loki: I think the first one is stuck! {groan} Help me roll over!

Thor: It's working! Push, Loki!

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