Mine Too
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Story Notes:

The work was inspired by Mine by CherryPie0 on AO3.

Sometimes dreams really do come true. One of Thor’s did, though he didn’t realize it until it had already happened.

It was a Thursday night in mid-February, around 7:30 PM. He was sitting at the bar in his tiny apartment kitchen, his laptop open, freshly showered and in his pajamas. His hair was still damp, spilling onto his shoulders in long blond tangles that wouldn’t see a brush until tomorrow morning. He had just one last bit of work to complete, then the rest of the evening would be his.

He stared at the screen, fingers moving rapidly back and forth between the keyboard and touchpad as he entered the final set of parameters into his AutoCAD drawing. A tab on his browser window was opened to YouTube, 90s alternative rock. His head bobbed unconsciously to the beat as he mumble-sang along with the lyrics.

I want a girl who will laugh for no one else. When I’m away she puts her makeup on the shelf…”

His cell phone lit up and buzzed. He glanced over at the screen and a smile came to his face.

A text from Loki.

Spring half term begins tomorrow. Ok if I spend it with you?

Thor snatched up his phone.

What?? Don’t want to go to yosemite again this year??

I’ve been 1000x already, it’s boring now. Also POLLEN 😷😤 besides I would rather be with you 😊

Thor’s pulse quickened. He typed:

is it ok with m&d?

There was a long pause before Loki answered.

Yes but if you don’t want to or have plans it’s ok. I can go with m&d. I know this is short notice and I don’t want to be a burden

Thor’s thumbs became a blur.

u are no burden loki u are welcome anytime at my place i would love to see u

An ellipsis popped up immediately to show Loki was typing her reply.

😄💕💖😊💓😁😚💗 good to know I’m still your BAEby sister!

A wave of warmth rose from under Thor’s shirt and traveled up his throat, staining his cheeks bright pink.

It had only been a month since that wonderful night with Loki. That night he had climbed into his sister’s bed, so cool and dark and quiet, and done what any good, loving, protective big brother would do. He could still remember the black panties she had been wearing—lacy, low-cut, with a tiny white bow on the front—and the smell of her body: hops and lavender lotion, some kind of citrusy deodorant, a touch of jasmine perfume. He could still remember the taste and texture of her cute little pussy, so sweet and slick as it had leaked for him, how smooth her thighs felt against his stubbly cheeks. And how welcoming she was to Thor, even though she was tight and inexperienced. She had taken his cock perfectly and hadn’t bled at all, even though Thor knew she was a virgin. (It was because he was so gentle and controlled, he told himself. Tearing Loki’s cherry and making her bleed was absolutely not an option. What kind of a big brother would he be if he did that?) And when he ejaculated inside her, she had taken that, too. Soaked it up like a sleepy sponge. 

The memory sent a throb of arousal straight to Thor’s prick. He palmed himself with one hand and typed with the other as best as he could.

only 1 bed u ok with that?

Ofc 😘 you can sleep on the floor

Thor exhaled shakily and started massaging his crotch, cupping his balls and squeezing his hardening cock.

still have to work but might be able to get few days off jsyk

No problem. Don’t mind playing house with you 😉 just want to get away from m&d for a while. School is mucking fad too. Just want to hang out and relax with you for 10 days

Thor’s grin took on a shadowy slant.

Ten days alone with Loki. Just him and his beautiful sister in his tiny apartment, sharing living spaces again, like when he still lived at home. She would take over his bedroom, his bathroom, even his refrigerator, and fill it with her stuff. Thor suddenly craved the sight of her pretty things mixed in with his own again, that harmonious blur of male and female personal effects. Fancy shampoos and conditioners perched on every nook in his shower. Moisturizing soaps for sensitive skin, fluffy bath poufs. Pastel-colored bottles of body spray and deodorant sitting beside his blocky, masculine toiletries. Makeup and facial cleansers, sponges and pads. Hair dryers, bobby pins, volumizing mousse. Myriad combs and brushes crowding his hair care and shaving products on the countertops. His trash bin topped with purple and pink and yellow wrappers with girly designs on them, multicolored candy sprinkles on his dull black-grey-silver refuse. Her flowery, feminine scent blending with his own strong, musky odor. Evidence of her presence gradually sinking into his furniture, his bed, his pillow.

Fucking hell, her underwear. It was going to be here, too. Delicate little bras and panties tossed into Thor’s laundry hamper. Lacy, satiny, frilly things with tiny hooks and clasps, ribbons and bows and see-through bits, full of her smell and her sweet juices.

Thor began to salivate, recalling the tender velvet skin of Loki’s cunt and how it had felt on his tongue, how wet she had been that night. Wet because of him. Her body had known what to do even though her conscious mind was asleep. And then Thor had given her something to make her even wetter—the very best of him—and made sure she kept it.

God. He wondered what her panties had smelled like the next morning, if they smelled more like his come or hers. Maybe a mix of them both. Eau d’Incest. 

He chuckled, a low, deep sound. He was fully erect now, his cock standing at attention in his gray sweatpants. He pulled down the waistband and out it sprung, big and red and long. He wrapped his fist around himself and gave a few strokes. Precome gathered in a clear bead at his slit before trickling down the cord of his frenulum, into the wrinkles of his retracted foreskin.

This part of him remembered Loki, too. Indeed, it would never forget the sweet warmth of his little sister, nor would it settle for anyone else.

Thor licked his lips and typed out his last message.

can’t wait to see you Lo b29;

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