Just a Typical, Everyday Conversation
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“No, seriously,” chuckled Luz, “if it had to be anyone in this company, who would it be?”

“Dammit,” Johnny Martin muttered as his comrades cackled. “Lemme think first.”

“Who would you choose, Tab?”

“Alley, probably. He’s got nice skin.”

“Would it be me doin’ the guy, or him doin’ me?” Johnny asked.

“Doin’ you.”

“Fuckin’ ay . . .”

“I’d nail Malark!” Skip raised his hand.

“Thanks, sweetheart,” Malarkey groaned.

“Hey Johnny, you decided yet?”

“I’m thinkin’, goddammit!”

“Whadda ‘bout you, Bull? Who’d you do?”

Bull gnawed slowly on his cigar stump. “You, Georgie, if ya don’t drop this queer-ass topic right now.”

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