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Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other

Fandom: Thor
Characters: Loki, Thor
Genre: None
Relationships: Thor/Loki
Tags: Alternate Universe, Angst, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Incest, M/X, Magic and Sorcery, Mpreg, Pregnancy, PWP/Smut, Romance, Sexual Content, Superpowers
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Summary: A collection of works that revolve around the 6 Thors 1 Loki universe or the 6 Lokis 1 Thor universe over at my Tumblr (NSFW). Essentially, going back in time in either of these universes results in multiple versions of Thor or Loki, orgies happen, babies are made, and drama occurs. These stories have a vague sense of continuity to them, but they're mostly based on prompts. Mostly.